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Agent Graffx, Helping YOU Make That Killer First Impression!

Whether you are looking to revamp an existing website, or launching a new product or service, Agent T and I can guide you through our straightforward approach. We take “active measures” throughout the entire process to create visually appealing, functional design that helps improve and enhance the user experience, engagement and overall satisfaction.

We specialize in. creating powerful provocative and memorable designs that connect your customers to your product or service. Working behind the scenes, we carefully craft, research and execute designs that ensure your first impression, is a killer first impression!

Design Strategy

Starts with the understanding of the businesses goals, and their overall objectives, in order to insure they align those with those of the user and customer. One cannot exceed with out the other. Having a clear vision helps guide the action plan, and formulate the necessary steps to creating an amazing user experience.

UX Research

When developing or designing a product for a customer or user, it’s vital to understand what problems the user faces, their needs, wants and goals. Placing the focus on the user helps define the scope of the project and clarify the focus. User research helps answer those questions and understand the user. 

User Interface vs. User Experience

User Interface (UI) refers to the look, and feel of a webpage or website and how users interact with it. Is it visually appealing and intuitive. User experience (UX) on the other hand, encompasses the user’s overall experience with the product or website. A well designed website should consider both in order to create a seamless experience for the user.

Logo Development

A logo can serve as the first identifier for a potential customer and the first impression. It connects your customers to your products and services. The logo is the starting point and ultimately signifies the heart and soul of your brand. Hence the creation of your logo should be foremost memorable and timeless, and have the ability to adapt to all platforms.

Brand Identity

Much like a first impression, perception matters. We specialize in building strong, cohesive brands that help connect your consumer and audience, to your products and services. Let us help you build your brand identity, so your overall message and business goals align.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral serves as an aid to familiarize customers with your companies products and services; while simultaneously serving as a promotion tool. Marketing collateral includes brochures, newsletters, media kits, press releases, and other printed materials produced by or for an organization.