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Communication Preference

Email is the preferred method of contact. We have found it allows us to gather intelligence with ease and pass along information conveniently. In addition it provides the ability to send high resolution images and creates a history of prior conversation for reference.

We have chosen not to display our phone number to protect our cover (and due to the enormous amount of solicitation calls received.) We will gladly provide our number once dialog has been established.

About The Design Process

Regardless of the mission, certain protocols need to be in place. In every case we must learn as many details as possible about the target audience and the scope of the project. This helps provide a real sense of “who” you are as a company and enables us to tailor the assignment. Below is a basic outline of the process.


  • Completion and submission of Project Inquiry Form
  • Initial contact established
  • Review job specifications with client and clarify any questions
  • Start intelligence gathering, research and brainstorming
  • Render designs and present ideas to client for review
  • Discuss revisions and modifications
  • Finalize design and submit final invoice for payment
  • Format files for delivery and hand-off to client
How much do we charge?

As each mission is different from the next, it is necessary to understand the operation details in order to provide an accurate quote. We’ve become quite adept at project assessment and knowing how long each “assignment” will take. In those rare situations where operation details change, the assignment may need to be reevaluated.

We pride ourselves on being transparent. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and all fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of each mission. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please complete the Project Inquiry Form located on the contact page.

Billing Policy

All missions require an initial 50% installment prior to start. Final payment is due upon completion and delivery of project.

Types of payment accepted

We accept Paypal and cashier checks.

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