About Me & T

About Me

Hello! I am Agent Graffx, otherwise known as Amanda Graff, a user experience, freelance graphic designer and more!

I bring to the table a unique balance of user and visual design expertise, project management, and client savvy. I’ve had the honor of creating and contributing to many successful brands and building user-centric, responsive website projects, for a wide-range of customers and companies, both large and small. My contributions have helped companies grow and prosper, solidify their brand, connect with consumers and make a positive impact as leaders in their industries, through user-centered design.

As a UX and graphic designer I get to produce fresh, innovative, memorable and visually appealing designs that have the ability to forge an emotional impact with the viewer and user. Given the responsibility of creating a brand, “the personality,” for a company or individual, is beyond gratifying and so cool!

Other than my love of design, I love dogs, dark chocolate and potato chips. The crunchier the better! There’s a small chance I’m addicted to Netflix (come on, who isn’t,) and since I’m confessing, Terra Chips…all of them!

About T – RIP My Sweet T

Titus has many nicknames, “T”, Handsome and T-Delish, to name a few. He’s quite the ladies man. He primarily handles the clandestine missions. When he is not out on a mission, I often find him napping.

He has many super powers that I’m not at liberty to discuss. Let’s just say he knows how to convince anyone to give him a treat!

I adopted him from a rescue organization and can not imagine life without him.

Sadly, Titus passed over the rainbow bridge in September of 2021. His beautiful, kind spirit is missed everyday.